Different vents in your home in Canada you should know

Different vents in your home

Having a healthy environment to breathe in is extremely important especially inside your house where you spend most of the time. With changes in weather taking place every few months, your house can sometimes become too stuffy and claustrophobic. The fumes from the kitchen, synthetic materials, cleaning agents and household chemicals can make the air inside the house hot and uncomfortable to breathe in. Different vents in your home should be installed at proper places especially the kitchen and bathroom.

To avoid breathing in the stale air you can either keep your doors and windows open which is not always possible or install vents. Vents inside your house can expel the stale air and draw in fresh air inside your homes. You can use different vent covers over the vents for a stylish look. There are 2 different types of vents, the exhaust vents and the intake vents. Let’s see what they are:

Home Exhaust Vents

Home exhaust vents are those which are responsible for expelling the warm air and are usually located on the top of the house. The different types of Home exhaust vents are listed below.

Ridge vent: A louvered section of metal which extrudes from the top of the roof and covers the gap in the roof is called a ridge vent. Ridge vents are one of the different vents in your home that are most effective in removing hot air from the house. The run the entire length of the roof where the louvered section release the hot air and prevents rain or snow from entering the house.

Roof vent: Roof vents are typically a square metal structure on the roof of a house that is usually fitted with a fan and thermostat which determines the temperature regulated outflow of air. A type of roof vent is the turbine vent which has contoured vanes that help release the hot air from the attic.

Gable vents: These vents are a louvered square or triangles that are not found in many homes because they aren’t very effective. This type of vent covers the attic near the roofs peak.

Home Intake Vents

Home Intake vents are those which makes sure that the cool air to enter the house via soffits or eaves. There are different kinds of home intake vents, some of which are listed below.

Soffit vent: a soffit vent is the one which you find along the soffit of your roof. Properly installed soffit vents allow fresh air and create air flow inside the attic.

Eave vents: Circular shaped holes called eave vents are mounted under the eaves to allow air to enter the roof space. They are placed under the eaves and between the rafters on two sides of the house.

Rafter vents: Rafter vents are used to protect the opening for the airflow in your attic. They prevent the blocking of the soffit and eave vents. Rafter vents work in coordination with both the exhaust and intake vents and ensure the smooth flow of air into the attic and out of it through the vents.

Foundation vents: As the name suggests, these vents are found near the foundation of your house in the form of a louvered metal that enables air to circulate through your basement or crawl space. The vents are important because they help to remove the moisture and warm air from the basement.

Heat Recovery Ventilation: Heat Recovery Ventilation is a mechanical ventilation heat recovery that basically ventilates your house without removing the air that has been purposely warmed by a heater during the winter season or purposely cooled by the air conditioner during summers. They are used to reduce the heating and cooling demands of a house or a building.