Cleaning the fan – Tips and Suggestions

cleaning the fan

Fans are essential for circulating the air in the room and therefore form an important part of your house. They are installed in almost all rooms and serve various purposes such as driving away humidity and keeping the atmosphere cool. However, cleaning the fan at regular intervals is imperative since the rotating blades tend to accumulate dust and grime. Unless you want the dirt flinging around the room, use these tips for cleaning the fan.

Ceiling fan:

Before you start cleaning the ceiling fan it is advisable to put a large sheet of paper or cloth underneath the fan to collect the dust. Alternatively, you can vacuum the area after you are done cleaning. Wear a face shield or dust mask along with a head cap to prevent dust from falling into your head and face. Use a stepladder to reach the fan. Take an old pillowcase and gently insert the blade of the fan into it and wipe it clean. This is a mess free way to clean the blades. If the fan has a heavy buildup you can clean it with a mild surface cleaner and cloth.

Remember to wipe the sides of the blades too. If you do not have a ladder, then use a duster with long handle to clean away the dirt on the blades. If the fan has additional accessories like a glass globe, pull chain and bulbs then make sure to clean them too. Wipe the bulbs with a soft cloth and change the ones that need replacing. The pull chain and motor housing can also be cleaned in a similar manner. You can remove and wash the glass globe with soap water and replace it once it is dry.

Box fan/ Table fan:

The box fans have a grilled encasement and require cleaning at least twice a year. Remove the grill by unscrewing the tabs after the fan has been unplugged and is stationary. Usually the blades are detachable and can be removed easily. Wash the grill and fan blades with soap water or disinfectant wipes and allow them to dry completely. In the meantime use a vacuum cleaner or compressed air to remove dust from the fan motor and wipe the base of the fan using a clean cloth. Reassemble the fan only when all parts are dry.

Attic fans and Window fans:

These fans help in air circulation and can get dusty very easily. Switch off and unplug the fan. Unscrew the grill of the fan and remove the larger dust particles using a paper towel. Use warm water or a disinfectant cleaner with a cloth to wipe away the dust and grime. Use a vacuum cleaner to get rid of the dust in the motor housing. Reassemble all the parts when dry and put the fan in its original place.

Cleaning the fan should be a crucial part of your home cleaning routine. Clean your fan with the above mentioned tips to enhance their functionality and improve the air quality of your house.