Low Maintenance Housing Styles

low maintenance housing styles

Gone are the days when keeping the house clean and beautiful required unrelenting attention. Fortunately, the new trends in home styles and designs are aimed at reducing the workload and the time spent in the upkeep and repair of your house. So if you’re tired of cleaning and repairing your house all-round the year then it is time to upgrade your sanctuary with some low maintenance housing styles.

Flooring Styles: The floor of the house tends to accumulate dirt and therefore opting for a floor with minimal gaps and creases will help you keep it clean. A stained concrete floor with a protective non porous seal has minimal seams and is impervious to liquid spills unlike a carpeted floor. Hence the hardwood floors are preferred over carpeted floors because they are easier to clean; they last longer and look better.

Wall Treatment: The walls of your house must have good quality paint and should be easy to clean especially if you have artistic children at home. When it comes to painting your walls you get what you pay for. So prime your walls before painting it and use a good quality paint to ensure that it lasts longer and doesn’t come off when you’re cleaning your walls. Also ornate cornices and protruding edges can collect dust and cobwebs over a period of time. Reduce the hassle of cleaning these bumps by simply opting for a bare and elegant wall.

Window frames: According to the current trend the traditional old wood windows are being replaced by vinyl windows. The reason is that the old wood windows are more expensive to maintain, are less energy efficient and don’t look as good as the vinyl windows. On the other hand vinyl windows are low maintenance and don’t require painting or repair. They are cost efficient, good insulators and look way better than old wood windows.

Upholstery choices: Upholstery fabric can be notoriously difficult to maintain and clean. Easy to wipe materials such as leather are not only durable but also save you the effort of deep cleaning the fabric after spills. If you must have fabric upholstery then you can choose fabrics treated with a stain repellent so that it doesn’t get wet easily. Another option is to use stain resistant fabrics such as suede. Slipcovers made of machine washable fabrics are another way to keep the upholstery clean and tidy.

Kitchen counters: There are different types of kitchen counter tops available in the market ranging from granite to marble & quartz. But when it comes to a low maintenance kitchen counter, then quartz is your best bet. Quartz is easy to clean, does not stain and literally lasts forever. Marble and granite tops get scratched and discoloured and require buffing every six months for maintenance. Quartz eliminates all of these problems and is a great choice for kitchen counter tops.

Minimalistic approach:  Putting too many furniture in your house will make it look smaller, reduce space and will take longer to clean. Hence decluttering your house will result in a visually clean appearance and save you a lot of time and energy.

Investing in these low maintenance housing styles today will save you a lot of money and effort in the long run. So remodel and upgrade your house by applying these principles and save up on the amount of time you spend to maintain it.