10 Essential Equipment and Tools for a New Kitchen

essential equipment and tools for a new kitchen

The market today is flooded with numerous kitchen tools and gadgets some of which are indispensable and some which we can do without. With so many products available it can be extremely confusing to buy the essential tools required for cooking especially when you are setting up a new kitchen.Here are some basic essential equipment and tools for a new kitchen.

Knives& Cutting board: Cooking in the kitchen requires a basic set of 3 knives i.e. a serrated knife for cutting bread, a Chef’s knife for cutting vegetables and meat and a paring knife for slicing and mincing. Along with knives, one should also have a cutting board which is available in various shapes and sizes. The wooden boards are usually used for cutting vegetables and the plastic ones are used for proteins.

Cookware: Having pots and pans in the kitchen is indispensable. You need utensils to cook your food in. The basic cookware that one should have is a versatile frying pan for making sauces and sauteing vegetables and a stock pot to make soup and stews. Apart from these you can also opt for a glass baking dish for oven baked items like enchiladas and casseroles.

Mixing bowls: Mixing bowls are considered to be essential kitchen tools mainly used for mixing ingredients. They are available in different materials but you should opt for a glass mixing bowls since they are non-reactive.

Spoons, spatula and tongs: The kitchen is incomplete without having a teaspoon and tablespoon required for precise measurements during cooking. Also, you must definitely have a sturdy spatula which is used different purposes like stirring, mixing etc. Tongs come in handy for flipping steak and agitating pasta

Food processor & blender: These appliances are great for making dough, pulsing food and making slaw. If you bake often then having these appliances will only make it easier. They are the most used appliance in a kitchen and can also be used for making smoothies, sauces and dressings.

Colander & strainer: This kitchen item doesn’t seem important until the exact moment when you really need it. Colanders are used almost every day in the kitchen for draining pasta or cleaning vegetables. You can opt for a fine mesh stainless steel strainer since they have a wider range of use.

Can opener: There is a high chance of you opening a can of some item in your kitchen at some point. So it would be wise to purchase a can opener when shopping for setting up a new kitchen. Although electric can openers are available, the manual ones seem to be more reliable.

Microwave oven: Be it a cake, a loaf of bread, baked chicken or just heating food , a microwave oven can be used for doing just about anything. Although a little expensive, a microwave oven can be a great investment for your kitchen.

Storage containers: Every kitchen requires either plastic or glass storage containers to store not only spices and condiments but also the leftover food that needs refrigeration. The microwave safe containers are preferable since they are more versatile.

Towels & potholders: Towels and potholders are fundamental kitchen tools. A good set of towels and potholders will protect you from burns, help to dry dishes and keep your kitchen clean and tidy.

Having a well equipped kitchen is of utmost importance in a home. So make sure to use these essential equipment and tools for a new kitchen setup and enjoy making those delightful dishes.