5 DIY Wall Painting Ideas for Living Room

DIY wall painting ideas for living room

It’s quite common to get bored of the existing decoration and design of your living room. A clever way in which you can renovate the look of your living room without encroaching on your room space is to paint the walls in a creative manner yourself. Here are a few DIY wall painting ideas for living room to make it more enchanting.

Ombre Wall : This painting design imparts a cozy atmosphere to the room. To achieve an Ombre wall you need two different colors that can blend well. Start by applying white primer to the walls to seal out any discoloration and allow it to dry thoroughly. Divide the wall into 3 horizontal sections using tape. Then paint the top and bottom part of the sections with each color and remove the tape after the paint has dried. Then mix the two colors and paint the middle section with the resulting color and quickly blend it with the color on top using a dry paint brush. Then blend the middle section color to the bottom color using another clean brush before the paint dries off.

Geometric Wall : Geometric wall patterns are easy and add life to the living room. To create a geometric wall start by painting the wall with the color you like and let it dry. Then use a masking tape to create geometric patterns of your choice on the wall. Roll different wall paint onto the wall with a roller and leave it to dry completely. Apply a second coat of paint in the same manner and allow it to dry. Then slowly peel of the masking tape to reveal the geometric pattern.

Mountain Mural Wall : If you’re a person who loves mountains then this idea is for you. For this you need 3 different colors of paint i.e. base color, white and dark. Make a rough sketch of the mountains on the wall. Start by painting the bottom most mountains with the darkest color. Use the base color to paint the mountains above the dark colored mountains.  After this, mix the white and base color to carefully paint the remaining mountains on top and blend the colors to get a beautiful gradation.

Sponge Textured Wall :  A textured wall provides a soft & pleasing backdrop to your living room space. Pick two colors for this idea, one dark and one light color. Start by applying two coats of the dark base color on primed walls and let it dry. Use a sea sponge or a normal sponge to create textures on the walls. Prepare the sponge by soaking it in water and wringing it out completely. Apply the light color on the flat surface of the sponge using a brush. Blot the excess paint on a scrap cardboard and dab the sponge on to the wall surface using a light pouncing motion creating detailed textures. Overlap the texture impressions and cover the entire wall.

Accent Wall : An accent wall is a wall with a different design than the other three walls in a room. You can paint three walls in the room with one light color and get creative with the fourth wall. For an accent wall you can either opt for one of the above mentioned techniques or choose to play with bold colors which will make the wall stand out. You can also omit the painting and create an accent wall by using patterned wallpaper.

So do try out these DIY wall painting ideas for living room and give it a striking makeover without hiring a professional.