5 Tips for Renovating Your Kids Bedroom

Renovating Your Kids Bedroom

Having kids is a blessing and on the other hand, very tiring as well. Your desires for your kids never end and so does their needs. They want and love different things as they grow up. Their bedroom must be changed and adjusted according to their need and liking. When your kids are all grown up and need their own bedroom, having a well-designed bedroom with everything they like. It will make them extremely happy. So, before you start renovating, ask them what they would like their bedrooms. However, if you don’t put enough consideration in renovating your kids bedroom, you might end up spending a fortune and still not get what you want.

Here are 5 tips for decorating your kids’ bedrooms.

Plan Well

Remember, your children will be growing up and that too quickly. So, while redoing their bedrooms, makes sure you don’t get anything to be mini. A tiny built-in desk or bed will not do. Make sure whatever you are getting, your kids will still fit in a few years from now. Tiny little furniture looks cute but they aren’t feasible or practical.

But you can use their toys in decorating the kids room. They not only add colour, but also keep them close to the happy memories of their childhood. You can hand the big toys and keep the small ones on open shelves. This way you will save a lot of storage space.

Include Your Kids

When renovating your kid’s bedroom, it is a good idea to include them in the process. You are creating a space they are going to call their own, so it is only logical that they get some say in it. Their input will help you create a design that they will love and its a good idea to organise kids room. Ask them to pick a theme for their bedroom and make sure you use bright colours to bring out their personality.

Pick The Fabrics Carefully

Make sure the fabrics you are picking for your kid’s bedroom is child-friendly. They must be soft and safe. You can pick the bed linens matching the theme of the room and make sure they are comfortable. You can also mix and match comforters, covers, and sheets. Extra pillows can accentuate the look. You can also match the carpet and add a rug or carpet for a cosier look and helps with kids bedroom decor.

Don’t Forget The Flooring And The Ceiling

Kids love to play on the floor. They crawl, lie down and often sleep on the floor as well. A broadloom can protect your kid’s hands, knees, feet and other body parts from scratching and hurting. If you don’t want carpets, you can also use rubber mats. Putting a thin mattress can also help.

We often neglect ceiling of the rooms. But before a kid goes to sleep, he/she stares at the ceiling for some time. You can decorate the ceiling with glow in the dark constellations or other similar forms.

Make The Room Education-Friendly

Your kid will be spending a lot of time here, in the bedroom. So, you can decorate it in such a way that it makes their education a little fun. Put books, a big globe, toys, and charts to help them with their studies. Your kids will love it.


Renovating your kids bedroom wouldn’t be easy. You must put a lot of thought and consideration into it. You need to think about lights and their comfort. You have to make sure they have everything they might need in their room and yet have enough space. These few tips will help you in decorating a kid’s bedroom with ease and excellence.