5 Important Tips to Arrange Stuff in a Small Kitchen Wisely

arrange stuff in a small kitchen

Having a limited cooking space can be quite tricky to work with if you do not know how you can organise your kitchen stuff in that smaller space. Every inch of your kitchen would have to be used effectively and you would have to plan for arranging your kitchen utensils and equipment accordingly. Well, it might even mean that you would have to hang those spices on a wall and store those sponges inside a cabinet door. If you are looking to arrange stuff in a small kitchen, you might want to consider these tips.

Organising your pantry

You might often feel that you aren’t able to find items from your pantry even if they stand right in front of you. This might happen when your pantry is not properly organised. You can consider arranging your pantry in a way that you put the opened boxes and containers in front in the shelf and arrange the ones that you haven’t opened behind them. You can also keep the things organised with labels and bins.

Turn your walls into a creative space

If you are wondering about how to arrange a small kitchen, worry not, because you can make use of those walls in your tiny space by giving them a makeover. Redesigning them into storage spaces would save up a lot of space in your kitchen and would even make your tiny space look neater. Hang those pots and pan on that previously wasted wall by using different sized command hooks. You can grab these pots and pans very easily and put the other items like containers in your cabinet.

Make use of the cabinet doors

The doors of your cabinets are one of the most under-utilised spaces in the kitchen. You can try attaching caddies and hooks in the insides of these cabinet doors for that extra storage. Your gloves and grocery bags can be easily fitted in these doors and you can just open the cabinet and take out whatever you want easily.

Put the things you use the most to your close proximity

You might have certain things in your kitchen whom you would reach out to frequently. If you are planning to arrange stuff in a small kitchen you might want to arrange the things that you use the closer to you so you wouldn’t have to reach out to them or look for them every now and then. Place these things in the racks or cabinets which are closer to the place where you would stand for most of the times so you wouldn’t have to find them and waste your time.

Divide your kitchen tools in the drawers and cabinets

Diving all your kitchen tools according to the needs and sizes makes a lo of difference in organising a smaller kitchen space. Get yourself some drawer dividers and arrange spoons, knives, forks and other small tools that you might use on a daily basis. You can also adjust these dividers to accommodate the tools that are shaped oddly along with other small and large utensils. It would become much easier for you to find out these tools and utensils whenever you wish to use them if they are all organised neatly in the drawers.

Organising a smaller kitchen area is not that difficult as it seems if you follow these basic tips while arranging stuff in your kitchen. You would only have to figure out how you would utilise even the smallest space and wall in your kitchen to organise your things and make the best use of it.