5 Benefits of Having Succulent Plants at Home

benefits of having succulent plants

Succulents are cute looking plants and most of them are easy to grow. The succulent variety has fleshy bodies and stems which are typical of plants growing in arid climates. Because these plants are generated from species that have survived in deserts, they don’t need a lot of attention. This is why so many find it easy to keep them on their work desks or leave succulent plants at home in comfortable nooks and crannies. There are quite a few benefits of having succulent plants at home.

Improved air quality

Indoor plants can improve the circulation of oxygen indoors. Plants also keep temperatures low and remove pollutants. Succulents can help in removing volatile organic compounds from the air by converting them into plant food. Unlike other plants, succulents don’t release carbon dioxide but continue releasing oxygen. They can produce bursts of oxygen inside and they are best placed in rooms that need fresh air. Plants release water and increase the humidity inside the home. For example, a kalanchoe is a natural oxygenator. A humid atmosphere can be beneficial for conditions such as common cold, sore throat, itchy skin and dry cough.

Better focus and reducing pain

Many children and adults suffer from ADHD or suffer from attention deficits. Having plants around can improve focus and concentration. Interaction with nature has been seen to improve focus amongst children and houseplants can help in this. Studies have also shown that plants boost memory. The University of Kansas has tried horticultural therapy and noted that patients needed less of pain medication when there were plants in their room. Succulent plants at home can be very beneficial for health.

Brighten home

Plants can brighten any space with their presence. Succulents are hardy and can grow in any climate. They don’t need attention 24/7 and can be watered intermittently. The plants can thrive in room temperatures and bloom in certain seasons. The Christmas cactus blooms during winters and presents a pretty pink flower.

Improve mood and enhance memory

When one surrounds themselves with pretty things or things that make you happy, the mood improves significantly. The fact that you can take care of a plant and watch it grown and bloom brings positivity into life. Succulents like the sempervivum are quite easy to grow and require low maintenance.

Reduce stress

Succulents are known to reduce stress and plants like crassula ovata or the jade plant is said to bring good luck. Caring for plants can reduce stress and calm your blood pressure. They aren’t fussy plants and one can care for them easily. It is like taking care of a pet and you will feel calm when you return home. It can improve productivity as well as it can make one feel relaxed and is one of the benefits of having succulent plants at home.

Succulents have a lot of healing powers and are used in many traditions as medicinal plants. Bruises, cuts and burns can be treated by certain succulent species. It is recommended that you get them and one can find all varieties of them at succulent market online store as well. These plants can live anywhere, be it an insulated environment or open air. With a little bit of care, these plants can grow and provide a host of benefits as mentioned above.