Welcoming Homes All Have These Things in Common

welcoming homes

There’s a difference between a residence and a place that feels like home. It’s not the size or sense of grandeur that matters. Instead, there are things people can do to make their domicile feel inviting. Welcoming homes are known to send positive vibes to the members.

If you’re looking to make your home more welcoming, read on for some great tips.

Clean and Pest-Free

When a home promotes good hygiene, it doesn’t need to be spotless or clutter-free. However, rooms for people to clean themselves and cook food should be bacteria-free. Keeping a tidy kitchen and washroom goes a long way toward making your home more welcoming.

One non-negotiable of a welcoming home is ensuring it’s pest-free. Hire the best pest control company in Toronto and the GTA to get expert technicians using pest sprays that aren’t commercially available. When specialists apply their knowledge of pest species to create custom sprays, you’ll get much better results than you would from buying anti-pest sprays at the local hardware store.

They also offer Home Protection Plans to give proactive protection from pests. They’ll inspect your premises for signs of pests or what attracts them. After removing these, they conduct a preventative treatment. Finally, they’ll revisit your property a few times to ensure the treatment works. If somehow pests survive these layers of treatment, they’ll eliminate them free of charge.

Food and Drinks

Hosting is all about ensuring guests feel good and have everything they need. Given that eating and drinking are biological necessities, hosts need to provide food and drinks. You don’t need to constantly lay out a gourmet spread, but what you serve should be ample and tasty!

Offer guests tea, coffee, or water, and stock your home with lemons, milk, and sugar, so you can serve these standard drinks in the ways each guest prefers. Be mindful of people’s dietary restrictions and allergies.

Breaking bread with people on their terms is an excellent way to make a guest feel welcome. Real hospitality is about the gesture of ensuring everyone is comfortable. Sometimes, people are sensitive about what they eat and drink — maybe they have health conditions they don’t want to discuss. Offer your guests food and drinks, but try to avoid pushing anything on them too hard or asking them to explain or justify their choices.


In our digital world, most living rooms revolve around the placement of a TV. People stream hours of TV and movies a day, so this isn’t very surprising. A welcoming home promotes the entertainment most people enjoy, but it’s savvy to keep something up your sleeve for every type of guest.

There’s a reason many people fill their cottages with board games, puzzles, and other non-digital diversions which bring people together. Sitting quietly on a couch can be great when the program you’re watching is.

If people associate your home with uncommon forms of fun, they’ll love visiting that much more.

Brightness and Warmth

A home doesn’t need to be large or fancy to look and feel bright and warm. Ideally, ample natural light can make an interior inviting and beautiful. If the windows aren’t optimally positioned, there are lighting schemes you can use to convey various effects that much your personality and temperament.

From things like track lights, candles, and mirrors to reflect light, get creative when making your home feel bright and warm.

As the housing crisis worsens and homes increase still further in price, your dream home may be out of budget. You don’t need to drop a lot of money to improve your living quarters. If you remember the above tips, you can make anywhere you live feel like home.