Important Tips for Waste Management in Croydon

tips for waste management

The town of Croydon is south of Charing Cross and is a part of the Croydon Borough. It is one of the largest commercial districts and allows for a good nightlife with shopping. The town has a population of around 190K people and it is also the center of a tramway system in South England. There are quite a few historic areas and parts of the town still have the historic structures. The place is developing and more people are starting to move here. With expansion comes the challenge of managing the growing waste. There have been strong actions on littering and illegal waste disposal by the council. Here are a few important tips for waste management in Croydon.

Reducing garbage

The first step in any waste management plan is to reduce garbage. Small changes such as buying products with less packaging, taking a reusable cloth bag for grocery shopping and try to make dinner on your own. Making dinner from fresh produce is not only good for your health but with microwaveable dinners, there is so much packaging that generates more waste. Even bottled water adds to increasing waste, so try using alternatives such as a water filter if you don’t like the taste.


Once garbage or waste is generated, you can still take steps to manage waste effectively. Before disposing of waste, sort it out into organic, recyclable and non-recyclable materials. Organic waste can make good compost for the soil. If you have a garden or even pots with plants, this compost can add nutrition to them. Recyclable items can be deposited in collection centers and other items can be disposed of as waste. Town management often uses croydon skip hire to collect such waste items and then use them in landfills or dispose it off properly.


Reprocessing is great for organic waste materials. Peels, rinds shredded paper etc. can be used to make compost. Create a compost site in an open yard or on a concrete patio. There are various methods (cold or hot) to create compost, maintain it and finally use it. The internet has so many options and methods to make compost and you can pick one that suits you.


Certain materials can be recycled to better use the earth’s resources.  This method is used for the conversion of old materials into new objects. This can prevent greenhouse gas emissions and save materials. It can prevent the use and consumption of fresh materials, reducing energy wastage, air pollution or water pollution. It is a key part of waste reduction and management. Recycled items like plastic, glass, textiles, paper can be efficiently used in the creation of other items which can be further used by consumers. This reduces the strain on the earth’s limited resources. Reusing and recycling are one of the best tips for waste management.

Making feed

Animal feed is a great way of disposing of food items that can’t be consumed by humans. Animals or pets are quite an effective way to dispose of food waste. Hamsters and rabbits can consume almost all food scraps. Pigs eat anything and are a good way to reduce garbage. You don’t have to own animals or livestock for this but you can make an arrangement with someone who does – if you can.

It is possible to manage waste effectively if you cannot completely get rid of it. Knowing your waste is the first step and then you go from there. Going paperless, reusing things and donating items you don’t need can make a big difference. Many waste management methods include incineration and landfilling but they may not be the best environmentally.